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Bielovezhian winter-2009

XI International tournament in intellectual games went in BrSTU gallery

The organizers of the tournament were the Youth Department of the Brest City Executive Committee, NGO "Belarusian league of intellectual teams" and the Club of intellectual games of BrSTU. "Bielovezhian Winter" has a long history, the last four years spent in our university. This is one of the biggest tournaments in Belarus, which was confirmed in the attribution of the Belarusian League tournament this year, the status of "Grand Slam".

Traditionally the tournament is held in two main phases: Saturday, December 12, teams competed in the team game "Jeopardy", and the next day - in " What? "Where?" When? " (Unlike sports version of the television is precisely that play simultaneously on the same issues many teams and answers passed on the papers). Questions were prepared by editors Dennis Rybachuk and Pavel Kachurka, and geography of the authors of the questions was broad enough - Moscow, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Kishinev, etc.

However, the geography of the teams is also quite diverse: from 39 participating teams little more than half were Minsk representatives, the rest were from Smolensk, Lida, Gorki and all regional centers of Belarus. Our University students' teams representing the faculty of electronic information systems the "Niakhai" (13 in Jeo, 21 in the WWW) and the "AltaVista" (38 and 36), as well as team "Warriors of Upyachka" (38 on the WWW).

Bielowiezhian Winter Cup for the third consecutive wins Minsk team "MID-2", 25th team in world ranking. In "Jeopardy" they showed the best result (2400 points), beating only 20 points the team "Dixi-S" from Smolensk, the third - "Kefir grains" from Minsk (2110). And in the "What?" Where? "When?" topped by the end of the tournament team "MID-2" on the latter caught up with the "Animated aerosledge", and had to play the so-called shoot (similar to penalties in football). As a result of a dramatic shoot-willed won Minsk "Animated aerosledge" (28/702, shootout - 2:1). Second - "MID-2 (28/753, shootout - 1:2), third - Vitebsk "Shtandard" (25/595).

Next Bielovezhian Winter will be held exactly one year later, but before this tournament will have a lot of others. Club of intellectual games holds its training sessions and games on Thursdays in the auditorium 2/105 at 19:30 every Thursday.


Festival of National Cuisine

Festival of National Cuisine

at Brest State Technical University!

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” at BrSTU!

New textbook

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” (ISBN 978-985-493-425-9) has been recently published at Brest State Technical University. The book contains relevant information on the basics of concrete structures’ design.

Open University Day

On April 13, 2019 Open University Day will be held at Brest State Technical University! The motto of the event “Your way to success!” Come and take your friends!

Results of the International Scientific Conference

On October 22 – 23 Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej (Poland) hosted the International Scientific Conference "Reading and Writing Skills in the Educational Environment: Theory and Practice", which was held jointly with Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie under the patronage of prof. Jozef Berger, Rector of Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej.

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