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ACTIVE - Atlantic Caucasus Technical universities Initiative for Valuable Education

Erasmus Mundus Action 2 – Erasmus Mundus Partnerships, stand 1

The ACTIVE (Atlantic Caucasus Technical universities Initiative for Valuable Education) programme can be considered as an element of common East-West European collaboration and partnership. The project aims mainly at launching a research and education network comprising HEIs from the European Union, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. ACTIVE project was selected under Erasmus Mundus Action 2, which manages a scholarship programme funded by the European Commission. The ACTIVE programme is focused on engineering and technology fields of study. The programme objective is to promote and transfer the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at higher education level.

The ACTIVE programme offers student and staff scholarships to nationals of European Union, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. The project provides mobility scholarships for students and staff from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia to European Union partner universities and from European Union to partner universities from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. The mobility can be realised in 20 partner universities in EU and third countries from East Europe. Consortium intend to do 170 about mobility with another countries. The selection process, for the first cohort, will start February 2014.


Stay together

Despite the current situation in the world the foreign students of BrSTU stay positive, support each other and make plans for the upcoming academic year.


Tender Invitation for Equipment Procurement

The PRINTeL project No585760 funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union kindly invites all suppliers to participate in the tenders for the supply of equipment for creating Technology-enhanced Active Learning Classrooms and Multimedia Lecture Capture Studios in several universities of Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.

Iranian students at BrSTU

Iranian students wishing to study at BrSTU should apply to SPRI.



Have you decided WHAT you WANT to be? Civil engineer, economist or IT specialist?

Festival of National Cuisine

Festival of National Cuisine

at Brest State Technical University!

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” at BrSTU!

New textbook

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” (ISBN 978-985-493-425-9) has been recently published at Brest State Technical University. The book contains relevant information on the basics of concrete structures’ design.

Open University Day

On April 13, 2019 Open University Day will be held at Brest State Technical University! The motto of the event “Your way to success!” Come and take your friends!