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About the Faculty 

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established as an electronic mechanical faculty in 1984 with the view of training highly-qualified personnel for the machine-building and electronic industries that are high developing in the western region of the Republic of Belarus based on the specialty "Machine-Building Technologies".
The electronic-mechanical faculty was reorganized on August 15, 2005 as a result of which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established.

"Machine-Building Technologies" (1-36.01.01), specialization:
"Production Automation Technologies"Graduates receive the qualification of an "Engineer". Specialists of this engineering and technical direction can work in industries, including work in the production departments, design and engineering divisions of machine-building and other enterprises. Specialists of this profile are needed at any enterprise where machines and mechanisms are produced, operated or repaired.

"Technological Equipment of Machine-building Production" (36.01.03),specializations:
"Metal-working Machine-tools" (1-36 01 03)   
The trained  specialists with the qualification "Engineer", creating and operating of machine tools, information-measuring, diagnostic and other technological systems for the needs of machine building. The objects of professional activities are technological equipment, machine tools and much more, which is necessary to create and ensure the effective implementation of the manufacturing activities in engineering.

"Maintenance of Motorcars" (1-37 01 06)

The specialization was opened in 2009. Specialist is qualified as a "mechanic engineer" and works at Motorcars organizations and enterprises of various forms of ownership, transport management facility, vehicle service station, regional offices of transport management, state transport inspection, enterprises and organizations of information support of transport technology systems, scientific and educational institutions.

"Production Automation" (53.01.01), specialization:
"Production Automation in the Building Materials Industry"

Training of specialists with the qualification "automation engineer" began in 2001. Graduates of this specialty are trained for engineering and manufacturing, organization, management, design research and teaching activities in the design installations, adjustments, repairs, maintenance of automatic control and process control systems.

Car Service (1-37.01.07)

The specialty was opened in 2008. Graduates are given the qualification "mechanical engineer". Graduates of this specialty can work at motor transport and other enterprises engaged in maintenance, repairs and operations of transport and transport equipment, management of technological processes, car services, development of new models of vehicles, car service equipment, training and staff development and research work.

Food Machinery (1-36.09.01), specialization:

"Equipment of enterprises of Food Machinery" (1-36 09 01 01)

Preparation for this specialty was started in 2011. Graduates with the qualification "mechanical engineer" work at providing production and technological activities, operation, installation, repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment at enterprises of food machinery, designs, research and innovation activities.

                                                    Specialties of Master's programme:

Automation, Management of Technological Processes and Production Systems (1-53 80 01)
    Master of Sciences in Engineering in this specialty receives indepth knowledge and skills  in the field of use of modern  technical and software automation tools, microprocessor technology, based on the modern development of robotics and flexible automation system.

Machine Building and Machine Science (1-36 80 03)

The objects of professional activity of the Master of Technical Sciences are effective processes, methods and means of manufacturing, strengthening and restoring parts and assembling machines. A product quality management system, as well as production management for use in the educational, scientific and production fields.

Departments and equipment
The departments of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineeringhave highly qualified academic teaching staff, a considerable part of which has academic degrees and titles, as well as a rich production experience. Research works, which are carried out at the departments of the faculty, are published in scientific publications in Belarus and abroad, introduced in the university and into production, a number of them have received worldwide acceptance.

The faculty has a developed training and laboratory base, which includes:
• training center for drivers
• training and mechanical workshops with a wide nomenclature of metal-cutting equipment, tools and industrial robots;
• specialized laboratories of cutting tool, technological equipment, Vehicle Technical Maintenance, production automation;
• modern computer classes equipped with modern CAD installations.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering cooperates with the large enterprises of Brest region and the Republic of Belarus, where students do an internship, get to know the work of equipments operation, the latest technologies and achievements of technology, and after graduating they get a specialty job. The faculty has close ties with the leading universities of Belarus, educational institutions of Poland, Germany, Ukraine, as well as institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in all areas of its activities.

                                                               Student life
At the faculty, there are opportunities for the equal participation of students in the general, sport and cultural life of the university. Sports teams of the faculty repeatedly won numerous sporting accolades of the University, Brest and Brest region. Students take part in the annual competitions "Student Spring Festival ", "New Stars", the university league of the Club of the Funny and Inventive.
The faculty has all the conditions for study, scientific, physical and intellectual development.


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Despite the current situation in the world the foreign students of BrSTU stay positive, support each other and make plans for the upcoming academic year.


Tender Invitation for Equipment Procurement

The PRINTeL project No585760 funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union kindly invites all suppliers to participate in the tenders for the supply of equipment for creating Technology-enhanced Active Learning Classrooms and Multimedia Lecture Capture Studios in several universities of Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.

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New textbook

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” (ISBN 978-985-493-425-9) has been recently published at Brest State Technical University. The book contains relevant information on the basics of concrete structures’ design.

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