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About the Faculty

The faculty was established in 1971, its first name was Amelioration.
The system of teaching at the faculty combines general theoretical and general engineering training with deep special training. All departments of the faculty have well-equipped laboratories and offices. They are equipped with the latest technical teaching aids, computing techniques, equipments.

The faculty organized the training of engineers on the specializations:"Water Supply, Sewerage and Water Conservation" (with qualification "Civil Engineer"); "Amelioration and Water Management" (with qualification "Engineer"); "Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection" (with qualification "Civil Engineer"); "Nature Conservation" (with qualification "Environmental Engineer for Environmental Protection").

The teaching staff: consist of 4 Professors, 2 Doctors of Sciences, 25 Candidates of Sciences and Assistant Professors. Teachers carry out active research work. The results of scientific researches are used in the educational process. Annually, more than 100 graduate projects on the most important subjects of engineering, research and exploitation organizations of Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilev, etc. are carried out at the departments of the faculty. Many projects are carried out using the experience of scientific researches, which were gathered during the period of study at the university.

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, corresponding member of the Belarusian Engineering Academy V.S. Severyanin develops research and realization of the technology of pulsating combustion in the Scientific Research Laboratory PULSAR. The result of the research is the creation of more than 40 new design of devices. The results of the research were introduced into the educational process.

The scientific and pedagogical school "Brest Hydrological School" was established at the faculty under the guidance of Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, laureate of the National Academy of Sciences 2007 A.A. Volchek. As a result of its activities, it ensures the participation of young scientists and students in state scientific programs, their preparation for academic competitions at the national and international levels, defending dissertations. So three of its pupils (Volchek A.N., Shelest T.A., Dashkevich D.N.) were awarded scholarships by the President of the Republic of Belarus during postgraduate studies. At present, the scientific school consists of 16 researchers, among them 1 Doctor of Geographical Sciences, 4 Candidates of Technical Sciences, 3 Candidates of Geographical Sciences, 5 Post-graduate students and 2 Candidates.

 In process of training Senior students of the faculty study the problems of the ecological direction in water engineering, the organizations of vital activity security, the adoptions of effective technologies for the purification of natural and waste water, in accordance with the decision of the International Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro (Global Forum - 92) and the United Nations International Program on Environmental Education.

Graduates of the faculty work on the building and operation of water carriage systems of cities, towns, industrial enterprises and reclamation constructions, in research and design institutes. The graduating departments of the faculty have agreements for target training of specialists. This provides an opportunity to ensure the work of young engineers after graduating.


Stay together

Despite the current situation in the world the foreign students of BrSTU stay positive, support each other and make plans for the upcoming academic year.


Tender Invitation for Equipment Procurement

The PRINTeL project No585760 funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union kindly invites all suppliers to participate in the tenders for the supply of equipment for creating Technology-enhanced Active Learning Classrooms and Multimedia Lecture Capture Studios in several universities of Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.

Iranian students at BrSTU

Iranian students wishing to study at BrSTU should apply to SPRI.



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Festival of National Cuisine

Festival of National Cuisine

at Brest State Technical University!

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” at BrSTU!

New textbook

A new textbook “Reinforced Concrete Structures” (ISBN 978-985-493-425-9) has been recently published at Brest State Technical University. The book contains relevant information on the basics of concrete structures’ design.

Open University Day

On April 13, 2019 Open University Day will be held at Brest State Technical University! The motto of the event “Your way to success!” Come and take your friends!